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Hunter, NY


My name is Donna Cavanaugh, I have been photographing landscape and events for over 30 years. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts with three siblings. I spent a lot of my childhood weekends and vacations visiting the coasts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. I have always had a passion for the arts. As a child I did a lot of drawing and wrote my own songs. I dreamed of one day being an architect.
That dream never materialized, but I still have the passion for art, gorgeous buildings, landscaping, historic landmarks, historic events, current events, and so much more. I now follow that dream through the lens of my camera. I truly enjoy photographing.
I'll spend my time going from festivals, to plays, to sporting events, to re-enactments, and so much more. I love doing family portraits in natural settings as well as in home. Getting groups together for that once in a lifetime shot, maybe the grandchildren together for the first time, maybe a generations portrait, maybe friends reuniting after years apart. At weddings, I photograph all the families as well as the wedding and the traditional bridal party shots.
I have a large assortment of landscape photographs of the Catskill Mountains of NY and New England.
I still love the poetry of it all. I have had several poems published. I enjoy making greeting cards, designing websites, and am currently expanding my horizons, by taking up oil painting.


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